cathy-maccracken-president-iamselfcare-comGreetings everyone,

I am thrilled that you have taken the time to visit us and discover I AM. This company is a venture (and quite an adventure) that brings to culmination a dream that I’ve held dear for a long time, a way in which I can best serve others.

I’ve always been a self-proclaimed “naturalist” with a fascination for whole health. I’ve studied and practiced various aspects of nurturing the body, mind and spirit—including yoga, meditation, nutritional supplements and, of course, skincare and body care.

Over the years, I’d noticed many skincare companies stating half-truths and making lofty claims about their products with nothing substantial to support those claims. As I learned the intricacies of botanical skincare, this concerned me, as I saw how easily consumers could be misled into spending money on products that weren’t capable of giving them good value or solid results.

So I began formulating my own skincare line and testing it out on family and friends. Quickly, these products caught on throughout my community, and I began getting requests for orders. When it became undeniable that I was onto something, I took a leap of faith and created my own company in 2008.

I set out to start a skin care business that tells the truth about what’s possible to obtain (and what’s not) from using high quality skincare products. My simple goal was to provide the very best naturally sourced ingredients in a line that would be affordable to anyone who wanted beautiful skin. I believed then, and I’ve proven since then, that you CAN have it all when it comes to luxurious skincare: it doesn’t have to be the most expensive to be the best.

The secret is in the type and amount of active ingredients that we choose to use. I AM products are bursting with potent actives because I want everyone who uses our products to see positive results, regardless of their skin type. If the right ingredients are there, they will work. Will you look the same as you did in your twenties? To be honest, probably not, but you WILL see youthful changes in the tone, texture and radiance of your skin.

I have also always believed that when you feel good about yourself, you truly are beautiful. The energy you exude is completely different. You react to situations in a more balanced way and others even treat you more respectfully. Yes, skincare nurtures your skin, and when this is combined with practices that enable you to feel better on the inside, your whole being becomes enlivened. You develop a special glow. When all of that comes together, you ARE the best person you can be—inside and out.

That is why we include self-care as part of our overall skincare regime. Our product names speak to attributes, emotions and states of mind that offer the ultimate whole health experience. We include affirmations and intentions along with each product so that your heart, mind and spirit can feel indulgent and embraced, as well. And we offer meditations to round out the practice of taking good care of your total self.

Enjoy your I AM products. I make them for you, and I send blessings for your highest joy.


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