‘Beauty Fatigue’ In Advertising


‘Beauty Fatigue’ In Advertising

Now, this is an uplifting article!  A marketing study surveyed 10,000 consumers about body image and the results may surprise you.

“Contrary to what marketers might think, most consumers like how they look and feel positive about their bodies.  Globally, only one in 10 respondents indicated their body is a source of embarrassment, disappointment or shame. The top picks were universally positive: happiness, pleasure, pride and power. And globally, there’s a prevailing attitude of “beauty fatigue”— the pushback against artificial, imposed standards of beauty. I think with beauty fatigue, [consumers] are tired of seeing all these glossy people,” said Helen Pak, chief creative officer at Havas Worldwide Canada.  And since we accept who we are, we want to also see images of people who are like us in the media and represented by brands.”

Intelligent consumers want the truth.  We are tired of the onslaught of superficial and dishonest advertising done by mega-brands in the beauty industry targeted to make us feel that we’re ‘not good enough’.  The most refreshing and successful  brands of today are ones founded on the truth and rooted in the pursuit to offer the best, honest product with a sincere desire to help their customer feel great!

This sounds like the bio sheet for I Am Selfcare Skincare smile


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