Here’s to November Birthdays!

As I just wished Happy Birthday to a dear friend of mine, I realized that November is the birth month of almost all of the women in my life whom are passionate and outspoken about promoting love and mindfulness. In fact, they all have made it their life’s work. Interesting, I think. It makes me wonder what it is about November. I’m no expert on the Aquarius, but it seems to me that there’s something a little different, a bit more spiritual, about women born under the sign of the Scorpion. All of these beautiful women have impacted my life in such a positive way, right when I needed them, all perfectly executed perfection! My beautiful and tenuous sister, Karen Kennedy Bogdan, always my loving, helping and staunch supporter through my journey with I Am. Dena Deluco, a crazy-talented writer, speaker, life-coach and muse who was an integral part of taking our idea of I Am and making it a reality. Gina Mazza, the fabulously eloquent, delicate, and lyrical author who wrote the copy for our website and continues to support me today. Jaci Clark, a vivacious, energetic, bad-ass life coach and artistic photographer who did my photo work. Each of these women truly walks the talk in trying to help the world be a better place. And for that, I am Thankful!

Happy Birth Month to all of these ethereal Super-Star women!

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