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iamselfcare-clinical-studies-concerns-questions-answersThe truth about clinical studies and skincare marketing claims

Do I Am products use parabens or PEG’s??

I Am Selfcare Skincare products are all paraben-free and PEG- free.

Be aware and very cautious, though, of any product formulated as a cream or lotion that claims to be “preservative free.” Any and all products that contain water must use a preservative or they will quickly become overrun with bacteria, mold and fungus. If the preservative is not listed on the label, then it is probably hidden under another term, such as a “‘blend”’ of some sort, or something like “grapefruit extract.” These brands should be avoided because they are deliberately falsifying their ingredient list and attempting to trick the consumer.

Should I believe “before and after” photos?

I don’t have much faith in “before and after” photos for the promotion of topical skincare products because I have yet to see one that has not been altered in some way. Here are some clues that the photos have been retouched: slightly different colored backgrounds, camera distance to the subject is closer in one shot, slight change in angle, makeup is added, different color lens is used. I AM does not publish “before and after” photos because too many brands market this way using falsified photos, rendering the practice unbelievable.

Should I trust the clinical reports I read about ingredient effectiveness?

I have found that most companies claiming results from clinical studies on their products’ effectiveness are more about marketing than efficacy. Such studies and reports can easily be designed to support any company’s desired claims, and typically the public is not privy to the details of how the study was done.

The only clinical reports that I believe are ones conducted by independent scientific labs. I AM does not publish any clinical studies because the market is flooded with brands that do this and are not credible. Instead, I AM uses real ingredients that are backed by scientific studies done by independent botanical scientists from academic labs.

What does the term “dermatologist approved” or “dermatologist tested” really mean?

In my experience, these terms cannot be trusted to actually mean anything because they are not supported by cosmetics or medical industry standards. Consumers have no way of knowing how the products were approved, and whether the dermatologist being cited was independent or contracted by the cosmetics company to substantiate their product claims. Instead of putting credence in a product because it claims to be “dermatologist approved” or “dermatologist tested”, look for products with ingredients that independent scientific labs have proven to be safe and effective for your skin.

What is meant by the terms “effective concentrations” and “label value” when talking about ingredients?

Other than the ingredient list, the FDA does not regulate skincare products or the amount of each ingredient in a product. The ingredient list should be where you can find the truth about a product; however, many brands use a technique called “label value”, in which a brand uses an ingredient in a very scant concentration just to be able to market its product. In other words, there’s not enough of the ingredient to produce the results that the brand is promising but because it’s in there, it’s listed. An effective concentration of an active ingredient is the amount needed in order for the ingredient to optimally perform. Honest brands use effective concentrations of ingredients so that the product performs as promised.

Not every person will respond to every active ingredient. What works for one person may not work for another. Each one of us is different and so is our skin. I AM encompasses a multitude of high quality, scientifically backed active ingredients blended in a synergestic formula to provide skincare that will produce positive results for all people. I AM uses 61 active ingredients in our skincare line and 38 active ingredients in our haircare line. We are confident that our combinations will work for you.

When choosing natural products, is “fragrance free” the best option?

It’s better to use skincare products that do not have any added fragrance, as it may lead to irritation and inflammation deep within the skin that doesn’t show on the surface but could nonetheless be damaging. While I AM recommends fragrance-free products, at this time we do provide the option of choosing lightly-scented products because many of our customers enjoy this fragrance.

Why are airless jars important?

I AM uses state-of-the-art airless packaging for our anti-aging skincare products because it preserves the freshness of the product. Airless packing does this by eliminating the chance of air coming into contact with the cream or serum and compromising the efficacy of the active ingredients. Airless packaging also keeps the products sanitary and free from bacteria that may contaminate them by dipping your fingers into the jar.

Why do I AM products look different?

I AM products are not the typical, standard white- or pastel-colored cream. We use 61 active ingredients at potent strengths in our entire product line. Many of these natural active ingredients have deep and/or vibrant colors, signifying high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Mixing these very colorful active ingredients together into a white cream will, naturally, turn the white cream into a color. For example, our Serene night repair emollient is a light brown color due to all of the dark colors of the healing and repairing botanicals from the earth: deep purple from Grapeseed, deep greenish-brown from Green Tea, brown from Centella Asiatica and Boswellia Serrata, and so on. Just as it’s very important to our health for our diet to include brightly colored fruits and vegetables, the same principle holds true for effective skincare. The brighter, bolder, or deeper the color, the higher the nutrient content.

Why is the “blended fresh on” date on each jar?

Our products are sold while they are FRESH and at their most potent strength. Many people ask, “How long will a product last?” The question should really be, “How FRESH are your products?” Similar to medicine and vitamins, active ingredients in skincare will also expire over time, but this is something that the big brands don’t tell you.

I AM products will give you about two months of usage when used consistently every day. The products will stay fresh for about six months. Remember, to reap the full benefit of a skincare routine, it’s important to use the products every day. Skincare products shold not be “saved” and used only when going out for a special occasion. Effective skincare will produce cumulative results; your skin will get better and better with consistent and daily use!

I AM products don’t sit in warehouses or travel across the ocean to sit on store shelves for periods as long as one year. With I AM, you can be sure to get high quality, full-strength active ingredients working at their most potent levels. We handwrite the “blended fresh on” date so that you know your product is fresh and at its full potency to ensure guaranteed results.

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