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What are we talking about today?

Ceramides. These fabulous fatty friends are the real deal for your skin.


Claim to fame?

Ceramides are natural lipids (fats) and are a major player in surface skin structure. They serve as part of the “glue” that holds surface skin cells together and help skin retain moisture.  Healthy levels of lipids keep the skin’s protective barrier intact, strong and able to ward off the negative effects of environmental factors, changes of season and other irritants.   In simpler terms, think of ceramides as the guards protecting your fort.  When the guards are not at their strongest and best, the fort is at risk of destruction. #dratdoubledrat

What’s that mean to me?

Clinical studies have shown that dry and damaged skin is often linked to depleted ceramide levels. When skin’s ceramide levels are low, skin has difficulty retaining moisture and this begins the ripple effect of very bad things happening to your fabulous face.  Yikes!  Yep, sad but true, skin becomes rough, tight, dull and loses its youthful fullness and firmness.  And that’s just the beginning of your epidermal woes.

How do I know if I need it in my skincare treatment?

With age and the damage done to our skin by the sun, our environment, and our diet,  lipid production declines.  Lookin’ at you…uh, everyone?  As a consequence, skin’s natural functions become impaired, impacting barrier function and natural repair.  If your skin can’t repair itself (and it can’t) – then you need to help a sista out and feed it some juicy, chubby ceramides! In short, you and all of your friends totally need a moisturizer with ceramides. #believemeyoudo.

Gimme the Skinny!

When natural ceramide levels are depleted, you need a synthetic ceramide formulation to improve moisture retention of the skin. This is a must. (Don’t forget Skinny’s rule on effective concentration of ingredients vs the dastardly label-value villains).  You need a product that will lock in moisture for all-day hydration, not only to relieve irritated and dry skin instantly, but also replenish and repair skin by forming a protective barrier and keeping future bad stuff out.

The oh, so beautiful result:  Improvement in smoothness, radiance, evenness, and pore appearance of your purty, purty face.  Yassss!

Who can I trust for the most potent and effective moisturizer with ceramides ?

  • I Am Selfcare Skincare’s MAGNIFICENT day and night hydrating moisturizer with ceramides.

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Traditional moisturizers only hydrate skin’s surface. MAGNIFICENT’s unique formulation uses the perfect concentration of ingredients to work together at the source of dryness to strengthen skin’s moisture retaining capacity  This not only relieves symptoms, but actually, over time, prevents symptoms from recurring.  You’re welcome.

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