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Let’s chat!

What are we talking about today?

Sea Kelp (Bioferment). I like to call it SK.

Claim to fame?

Sea Kelp is a remarkable, non-oily powerhouse of nutrients. It’s perfect for any age, any skin type, and any need. Born from the sea, it’s the #jackofalltrades #masterofall things healthy, healing and anti-aging for the body – inside and out. Feelin’ awesome!

What’s that mean to me?

As in ingredient in skincare and haircare formulas, SK is numero uno of the ‘anti’s’ – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, anti-aging.  This Queen Bee of botanical actives has a giant I Can Do It attitude. SK gives your skin and scalp solid TLC by loading it up with all things great from mother nature. Thank you very much.

How do I know if I need it in my skincare treatment?

Do you fancy smoother, tighter, clearer, healthier skin? Are you jonesing for thicker, fuller, shinier, best hair ever?  Yes, please.  #kelphelp

Gimme the Skinny!

You may know me as Chatty Cathy but my aka is Sea Kelp Cathy J. 😀 SK is hands-down my fav ingredient because it’s the most powerful single ingredient for the health and appearance of the skin, scalp and hair. It’s abundance of nutrients are the miracle workers to cure all that woes you!  Burn your hand? Zits? Oily skin? Large pores? Wrinkles? Dull complexion? Flat, lifeless hair? Yep, yep, and yep – the answer is sea kelp. We all need it. We need it every day.

Who can I trust for the most kick-a** product formulated with SK?

Almost all of I Am Selfcare Skincare products are formulated with sea kelp (Hello, Captain Obvious) but, today we’ll pick our AUTHENTIC flawless antioxidant serum because our customers are in love with it.
What other brand  uses sea kelp?

There aren’t a lot of them. Crème de la Mer was the first brand heavily marketed for the use of sea kelp, which they call their ‘miracle broth’. Again, sea kelp is fantastic stuff but La Mer charges $320/bottle for their Regenerating Serum (THE REGENERATING SERUM) And…that’s a whole lotta crazy.  The miracle isn’t as much in the ‘broth’ as in their craftiness in tricking women to pay $320! There’s not a single ingredient in the La Mer serum that even comes close to sniffing the justification of the purchase price of $320. I Am’s Authentic is superior in every way. Believe me. I’ve done the research. Bam!

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