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Smooth Operator!

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What are we talking about today?

Argireline. The Scientific name is acetyl hexapeptide-8.

Claim to fame?

Argireline prevents the formation of expression wrinkles by somehow inhibiting muscle movement. For this reason, it is sometimes called Botox in a jar. A natural, healthy, great-for-your-skin type of Botox effect. It’s ah-mazing stuff!

What’s that mean to me?

Do you have crow’s feet around your eyes? Those pesky frowning ’11’s’ between your brows? Smile lines around your mouth? Little lines around your lips? Hello, meet Argireline. Your new bestie!

How do I know if I need it in my skincare treatment?

Argireline is a powerful cell-communicating peptide. It works by inhibiting contraction of the nerve. No contraction = no wrinkle. Simple as that. And, who doesn’t want a smooth complexion? No one, that’s who.

Gimme the Skinny!

Science has shown that with continued use, formulas with Argireline will produce continuous and long-term results. Yep, you heard me right. The more you use it the better and better the results. But, as usual, and at the risk of boring you, I must reiterate: the concentration of the Argireline must be high enough to do its job. Scant amount = Scant results. Don’t get Skinny going on low-life brands that lie, cheat and steal your hard-earned cabbage. Okay, back to Argireline. We all know that the skin sins of our youth will come back to roost upon our beautiful faces. Ugh. Not to worry, though. You can count on a formula with Argireline to valiantly fight off the devilish fine lines and little creases that are sure to come. #You’reWelcome.

Who can I trust for the most potent and effective formula with Argireline?

I Am Selfcare Skincare’s POISED fine line therapy has the highest concentration of Argireline of any other brand on the market. This guarantees results. Think of our POISED as a moisturizer on Botox. Picture yourself with a smooth, hydrated complexion with diminished fine lines, wrinkles and softened expression lines. Yes, please.

Code: June16

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