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The Eyes Have It

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What are we talking about today?

I’m going to change it up a bit and instead of talking about a single ingredient that I love; I’m going to talk about the two most awesome and essential ingredients for an effective eye treatment.  These two superstars are hesperidin and chrysin.

Claim to fame?

Hesperidin is a hot shot antioxidant that kills it in depuffing the puff and then does double duty to diminish the darkness.  Chrysin’s job is to slay the raccoon eyes.  These two ingredients together? #WOWZA

What’s that mean to me?

Hesperidin and chrysin are the cat’s ass in effectively combating under-eye puffiness and/or dark circles.  If your eye treatment doesn’t have these two ingredients (in effective concentrations, of course) then you may as well not waste your money because it’s not going to work.  #skinnyspeakathetruth

How do I know if I need it in my skincare treatment?

You need these two ingredients if you have puffiness and/or dark circles.   Even if your eye issues are hereditary – and this is true in many cases, these two ingredients will HELP reduce them.  They may not totally get rid of the issue, but they will definitely HELP in the appearance.  And… everyone needs a quality eye treatment because the eye area is the first to show the signs of aging.  This is because the skin surrounding the eyes is very thin and has very few oil glands.  This delicate skin doesn’t fare well under the abuse our skin endures on a typical day. #Help. We typically start to see aging around the eyes as early as in the mid-20’s.  Oh, hello sun-worshippers.  When should you start using a quality eye treatment?  Yesterday.  Yes, you need it now.

Gimme the Skinny!

There are hundreds of eye creams on the market today.  They all promise you the world.  There’s the cheap drug store brands, the snooty department store brands, the (cough, cough) ‘doctor’ brands, the all-natural brands, the organic brands, etc.   There doesn’t seem to be an end to it.  Just remember, the marketing claims made on the front of the label, or on the TV and radio commercials, or in the magazines are not going to do a flippin’ thing to help you have younger-looking, beautiful eyes.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – a product has to have the right ingredients, in the right concentrations and sold to you while it’s fresh and most potent to be effective and make an actual improvement.  Period.   And a product that truly does meet that quality standard really will work.

Who can I trust for the most potent and effective eye treatment on the market?

  • I Am Selfcare Skincare’s VIBRANT illuminating eye treatment for only $19.99!  For a limited time, we’re offering VIBRANT at a special price of $19.99 (regularly $42).  You’ll love the new airless pump bottle with 33% more product!

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I Am Selfcare Vibrant Sale

I Am’s Vibrant includes hesperidin and chrysin in the highest effective concentrations plus 29 other age-defying ingredients.  These ingredients are all proven to strengthen, fortify, rebuild and replenish the delicate under-eye skin.   Mind. Blown.

What other brand uses both hesperidin and chrysin in their formula?

One other brand that we know of is Bremenn Clinical Serious Dark Circles for $59.

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